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Geometric Tattoos: An Update from Stanislaw Wilczynski

Former IT tech now tattooist for the last five years, Stanislaw Wilczynski (aka digimatism) is all about producing clean-looking geometric compositions that are inspired by “abstract expressionism, minimalism, suprematism, constructive architecture and techno music.” Often geometric forms and lines are the hardest to tattoo, as they require great technical skill to get the ink straight […]

Abstract Art Painting Portraits Surreal

Transgressive Portraiture of Historical Icons by Mathieu Laca

Mathieu Laca is a Montreal-based artist creating “deliciously appalling” oil paintings that transgress the conventions of traditional portraiture. The majority of his recent work focuses on various historical figures throughout the realms of art, literature, philosophy, and science. Whether he’s painting the face of Vincent van Gogh, Franz Kafka, or Frida Kahlo, there are always […]

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Armour: Empowering Hairstyle Imagery by Luke Nugent and Lisa Farrall

Featured here are works of incredible hair art, photographed by Luke Nugent, a London-based photographer who specializes in portraiture, fashion, and hair & beauty. The stylist is Lisa Farrall, an award-winning hair session stylist and the beauty editor of Noctis Magazine. Titled “Armour,” this series about “embracing women and empowering women.” Combining abstract hairstyles with […]

3D Abstract Art City Sculpture

Tiny Microcosms Set in “Stone” Sculptures by Song Kang

Artist Song Kang imagines tiny microcosms in stone. In her series aptly-titled “Carved in Stone,” she fuses architectural structures onto and into “rocks” (using materials such as reed, plaster, foam, and paper mache). The bridges, stonework, and intricate wooden Cathedral-style windows follow the curves and forms of the rocks themselves and appear distorted in their […]

Abstract Art Body Art Color Tattoo

Winston the Whale Keeps It Weird by Inking Trippy Tattoo Designs

Portland-based artist Winston the Whale, aka Dave, went viral a couple of years ago with his anaglyph 3D tattoos. Since then, he’s continued to grow from his simple (and visually vibrating) blue and red linework; his new designs are colorful and have a 1960s and 1970s-inspired aesthetic—even some influences from the Memphis Design era as well. […]

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Stylish Hallucinations in Dane Nicklas’ Colorful Tattoos

Dane Nicklas is a tattoo artist currently working out of Valentine’s Tattoo in Seattle, a feminist-powered and inclusive space known for its collective of wonderfully offbeat and experimental artists (we featured the work of Valentine’s founder, Shannon Perry, last year). Dane’s work fits this niche perfectly, mixing classical art symbols with pastel colors and psychedelic […]

Abstract Art Color Landscape Photography

Neal Grundy’s “Transient Sculptures” Appear for a Second Then are Gone

Photographer Neal Grundy captures a fleeting existence in his series titled “Transient Sculptures.” Comprising flowing fabrics among outdoor landscapes, the colorful forms appear like ghosts moving within the frame. “The image captures a fabric form in ‘mid-flight’,” Grundy writes. “The sculpture exists for a split second in time; once photographed, it is otherwise lost forever, […]

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Puzzling Identity: Alma Haser’s Intriguing Paper Collage Portraits

Alma Haser is a London-based (Germany-born) artist constructing complex portraits that delve into the nuances of identity. Some of the images featured here are from her “Within 15 Minutes” series, which explores the similarities and differences between identical twins; after photographing a set of twins, Haser then makes the photos into jigsaw puzzles, switching every […]

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Rupturing the Norm: Empowering Tattoos by Disinhibition

Disinhibition (a.k.a., Adam Traves) is a Melbourne-based self-taught queer tattoo artist exploring identity and empowerment. He was one of our “10 Tattooers to Look Out for in 2017,” and rightfully so: not only is his style eye-grabbing with its playful distortions and pink-and-red designs, but it celebrates queer identity. Whether he’s tattooing gay erotica, amorous […]

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Intervention and Letting Go: Experimental Paintings by Sylvie Adams

Sylvie Adams is a visual artist living in Montreal, which she describes in an exclusive statement provided to us, as a place that “makes you want to create, to experiment, and to push boundaries.”  Experimentation and duality are at the core of Sylvie Adams’ bright-yet-moody abstract paintings, exploring the foggy dichotomies of “light versus dark, […]