Abstract Motion Special Effects Video

A Bizarre “Echo”

Dutch animator Bart Hess has made an unusual art film titled “Echo” for the Nationaal Glasmuseum. Although the movie’s visuals are abstract, they are quite engaging and hypnotic to look at. Additional credits go to model Ras, and music by Ricky van Broekhoven.

Abstract Art Black & White Landscape Photography

The Son of Man

The minimalist photographs of Garmonique. View more of his work at Flickr.

Abstract Animation Experimental Geometric Music Video

Hypnotic Visuals and Sound

This music video was made for Amon Tobin’s “Fan Video Project.” It was directed and animated by Jim Jam Graphics and XYZee Design. “Taking inspiration from the title of the track [“Calculate”] as well as the music, we wanted to make a music video set in a simple graphical world of calculation and information processing,” […]

Abstract Geometric Patterns

Abstract Patterns Photographed from Space

Although these images look like modern tapestries or abstract paintings, they are actually snapshots of agricultural fields taken from NASA’s Terra and Landsat satellites in space.

Abstract Art Color Painting

Amazing Pour Paintings

It is fascinating to watch the process of spilling and mixing paint. View below videos of the art of Holton Rower.