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Tiny Microcosms Set in “Stone” Sculptures by Song Kang

Artist Song Kang imagines tiny microcosms in stone. In her series aptly-titled “Carved in Stone,” she fuses architectural structures onto and into “rocks” (using materials such as reed, plaster, foam, and paper mache). The bridges, stonework, and intricate wooden Cathedral-style windows follow the curves and forms of the rocks themselves and appear distorted in their […]

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Tiny, Creepy-Cute Sculptures by Qimmyshimmy

Qimmyshimmy is a designer and “accidental sculptor” from Singapore (currently based in the Netherlands) who has been gaining attention on Instagram due to her creepy-cute subject matter: particularly, the tiny sleeping babies and disembodied human hearts she’s been sculpting. With soft skin and sleeping faces, the babies look quite endearing—except that Qimmyshimmy often arranges them […]

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Dissolving Boundaries: The Bio-Matter Art of Heather Komus

Heather Komus is a Winnipeg-based artist working with embroidery, found objects, plant matter, and animal matter (such as intestines, feathers, and hair) to explore the body as a permeable ecosystem. Fascinated by infestation and infection—the way microbes and spores penetrate the skin and colonize organs—her creations are like maps to a subdivided and multiplied body, […]

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Call for Entries: The 2018 A’ Design Awards

The spectacular 3D-printed “Hurricane” lamp, shown above, “creates a contrasting image of dynamics and statics, opacity and transparency, solid and void, and defined boundary and infinite reflectivity,” states product designer Naai-Jung Shih. When the table lamp is turned on its indirect lighting displays the tempestuous storm, and when turned off, it still is a gorgeous […]

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Drawing in Space: Incredible Floating Cities by David Moreno

David Moreno is a Barcelona-based artist creating floating cities using steel rods and piano wire. He (somewhat modestly) describes his work as “trying to draw sculptures,” and indeed there is a correlation between his practices of illustration and sculpture; he creates digital sketches of his work and then transfers them into mind-bending 3D forms. Whether […]

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Scene360 Picks the Top 10 Reader Submissions of 2017

Scene360 has made it our ongoing mission to highlight the world’s most unusual and striking artistic creations, supporting these remarkable makers by sharing their work with readers worldwide. One exciting way that we do this is through the annual Scene360 Awards competition, and we’ve just selected our top 10 submissions of 2017—including the overall winner! […]

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Excavated Essence in Impasto: Antony Micallef Interview

The impasto artworks of Antony Micallef defy the long traditions of figural paintings; instead of recreating subjectivity, he distorts and builds upon it to unearth the living, chaotic nature of the medium itself. Micallef’s works have emerged from a long history of postwar, abstract paintings; taught by John Virtue, an English painter whose depictions of […]

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A’ Design Awards: Roundup of the Coolest Arts and Crafts From Past Years

When the “Hex Kite” by Wind Architecture Studio takes flight, it looks like an alien is making contact with Earth. But we assure you it’s not an extraterrestrial—it’s one of the past winners of the A’ Design Award! The lightweight creation won big in the “Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design” category last year. Now it’s […]

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Call For Entries Open for the 2018 A’ Design Awards

When the quirky pasta packaging by Nikita Konkin made its debut last year (see below), the designs quickly went viral. Using strands and shapes of the dry noodles, they doubled as “hair” for the women printed on the boxes. It’s a simple but ingenious idea—no wonder it was one of the winners in the A’ […]

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Experimental Remixes by Anxo Vizcaino Create Alternate Worlds

Welcome to the pristine dream-visions of Anxo Vizcaino, an artist based in Lugo, Spain. After working as a graphic designer and illustrator for many years, he switched gears to embark on a more artistic journey. His recent personal creations involve experimental remixes that allow him to focus his “concerns and passions related to reality, outer […]