Body Art Surreal Tattoo

Tattoos by Nick Broslavskiy Make You Question Reality

tattoo of head split open on leg by nick broslavski

Ukraine-based tattoo artist Nick Broslavskiy creates pieces that will make you question what exactly you’re seeing. Often, two or more subjects are combined into one surreal drawing and creates a mashup between their respective worlds: humans and nature; man and religion; design and the universe. The results are intricate and confounding, yet thought-provoking in their heavy use of symbolism. Broslavskiy weaves all of its part into one cohesive tattoo.

portrait with head split by nick broslavski

ram with landscape in horns by nick broslavski

geometric and nature tattoo combined by nick broslavski

wing and hand, tattoo drawing

inverted architecture on leg by by nick broslavski

split portrait drawing by by nick broslavski

medusa, drawing

abstract tattoo on arm by nick broslavski

Photos © Nick Broslavskiy