Collage Design Outdoors

Let’s Play Tetris!

These unique, nicely fitted, and eye-catching installations are the work of artist Michael Johansson. His designs bear a close resemblance to an old tile matching video game named “Tetris”—but instead of blocks, he stacks up various discarded household materials to give them an entirely new appearance.

Art Recycled Sculpture

Sculptures: Back To The Basics

Argentina-based Normal Studio has started an innovative series named “Tender Project,” which uses basic household materials to make composite sculptures. Using a large number of painted clothing pins hanged together on a tight wire mesh, they have created some interesting designs such as a lamp, and other ceiling and wall hangings.

Abstract Architecture Art Color Graffiti Murals Outdoors Painting Spray Paint

Combining Art and Architecture

Atlanta based artist Hense is famous for his colorful and nonrepresentational mural installations in urban areas. With his small crew, and using acrylics, enamels and spray paints, he has graffitied this old church.

Animals Graffiti Murals Outdoors Street Art

Mural: Serpent Feasts on Apple

Graffiti artist Sokram has painted a large snake coming from a canal and into a building, and the continuity of this piece makes it unique and interesting. If you look closely, you will see a pattern of Euro symbols on the reptile and a banknote on the apple, which is a representation of society’s greed.

Art Metal Music

Musical Weapons

Mexican artist Pedro Reyes has given a second life to used military arms by transforming them into musical instruments. In just two weeks’ time, he has worked with six other musicians to alter confiscated armaments into a functional 50-piece orchestra. You can watch the video within post to see the making of a guitar, flute, […]

Crafts Cutouts Environmental Paper Art Sculpture

Renewable Paper Art

Paper craftsman Bovey Lee has created these intricate illustrations using a three step process: 1) drawing, 2) digital rendering, and 3) knife cutting. Each design is made from a single sheet of Chinese Xuan (rice) paper mounted on silk, and both these materials are recyclable. See also: “Paper Artist Inspired by Nature and Childhood.”

Black & White Celebrities Drawing Hyperreal Illustration Portraits

Drawings: No Room For Mistakes

British artist James Mylne makes photo-realistic images using essentially a ballpoint pen, and sometimes he mixes other materials such as ink, marker, and spray paint. His drawings demand a great deal of concentration because one wrong stroke, can spoil the whole portrait.

3D Crafts Cutouts Paper Art Sculpture

The Transparent God

Sculptor Peter Callesen has exclusively used thin white paper to create these large-scale cutouts. In the above image, he has cropped hundreds of human anatomies from a sheet, and glued them together to form a 3D model that is named “Transparent God.”

Art Drawing Illustration Maps Paper Art Pencil Art Portraits

Portraiture on Geographical Maps

Illustrator Edward Fairburn has meticulously filled in the gaps between major roads with ink and pencil to form faces on maps. And he has proven that creativity is limitless by using these geographical charts as his canvases. See also: “All Over the Map,” and “Atlas Cutouts.”

Art Crafts Outdoors Paper Art Recycled Sculpture Street Art

The Cardboard Ghetto Blaster

Multidisciplinary designer Bartek Elsner has handcrafted large-sized sculptures from recycled cardboard. The artist is known as the “Cardboard Creativist,” and he simply named this project as “The Paper Stuff.”