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9 Illustrated Products That Delight and Surprise

Whenever we buy things, we’re making choices: about our mood, priorities, and how we want the outside world to see us. Illustrated products are a great way to express one’s unique voice. Here are 9 products that have elements of illusion and surprise to them. Their clever-yet-functional designs infuse playfulness into the everyday. The imagery and […]

Crafts Embroidery Illustration

Embroidered Illustrations by Ann Khokhlova are a Sea of Stitches

Embroidery might seem like an odd choice for use in editorial illustration, but Ann Khokhlova proves that it can be a stunning sight. Her series for The Prime Russian Magazine showcases the beauty of thread and needle, as seas of stitches produce highly-textured compositions. These tiny marks are sewn in different directions, creating the illusion […]

Art Body Art Illustration Surreal Tattoo

Tattoos Resembling Pen Sketches by Tarmasz

Faus­tine Tar­masz, aka Tarmasz, tattoos curious images onto the skin of her clients. Inspired by mythology and the medieval arts, she translates their pictorial style into body art that, at times, evokes feelings of death and the occult. Tarmasz has created an inking style that’s all her own. The tattoos don’t often include heavy outlines […]

Art Illustration Painting Surreal

Surreal Portraits of the Unconscious Mind by Whooli Chen

Have you ever felt like your head was in the clouds? Or that your daydreams were now suddenly reality? Illustrator Whooli Chen imagines these feelings in her beautifully surreal portraits. Flowers fill the faces and surround the heads of her subjects, who are separated from our reality and seem to exist in an alternate universe […]

Animals Art Illustration Sculpture

Painted Ceramic Greyhounds by Evelyn Tannus

Artist Evelyn Tannus reimagines the elegant greyhound dog breed with vibrant coats in her series of illustrative, painted ceramics. Depicted as both sitting and laying down, the canine figurines have colorful decorations that meander across their legs, backs, and onto their necks and heads. The varied imagery highlights her wide-ranging inspirations—from geometric patterns to tattoos to scientific […]