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The Transformative Power of Interlocking Tattoos

Tattoos that reframe our perspectives on our bodies, and others’ bodies, are powerful pieces of art walking around in the world. That’s why interlocking tattoos, designs that connect separate limbs and people, are more than just the sum of their parts. Spreading tattoo designs across the body is not a new idea. Large-scale tattoo themes […]

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Deceptively Minimal Line Art Tattoos by Caleb Kilby

Dimension, texture and emotional anxiety aren’t normally what come to mind when looking at line art. But Caleb Kilby’s silhouettes say a lot with very little. Channeling Braque more than Picasso, he dives into the drama of the mundane, rather than going wide with sex or war. The chaos of a cocktail party can somehow […]

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A Modern Picasso: The Cubist Tattoos of Mike Boyd

Look twice. Cock your head. That’s the reaction Mike Boyd wants. Picasso-era paintings, new school flash and traditional street art all meld together in his cubist tattoos. “I love the strange juxtaposition of angles and colors, and yet it’s still recognizable,” he says. “I like the fact that it… doesn’t quite look right.” On the road […]

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10 Tattooers to Look Out For in 2017

Every year, the tattoo talent pool grows infinitely more diverse. Every art style that has ever existed can be transferred to skin, and clients are more engaged than ever. It’s all about the niche, now. Instead of “what’s in?”, people are asking, “who am I?” Identity-driven tattoos are transcending the fad of the moment. It’s a heartening evolution […]

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Trippy Linocut Tattoos by Dusty Past

“I’m in love with linocut and wood engravings,” Eugene tells me. He tattoos as Dusty Past, a name inspired by the texture of 35mm photography. “I started carving linocuts three years ago to make t-shirts. I soon made a tattoo in the same style, and liked how it looked: still bold and simple, but not traditional.” […]

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Brian Gomes: Tattoos Inspired by Amazonian Tribes

Shamanic philosophy is at the heart of Brian Gomes’ work. He believes our physical form reflects our spiritual life. “Tattoos are the ripe fruit of the soul,” he says. “They are our inner beauty.” Influenced by Brazilian and Peruvian tribes, he credits Shipibo and Huni Kuin artwork for many of his pieces. The goal is to honor, never to plunder. He spreads spiritual intention […]

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Women in Nature: Tattoos by Bru Simões

Wilderness inspires Bru Simões, an artist and self-proclaimed “gypsy tattooer” in Brazil. “I have this strong connection with the physical world,” she says. “We all do, especially women. Women are guided by the moon, and have the same cycle as the flowers.” Her new “Women In Nature” series is a passionate tribute to the rhythms […]

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Casting Tattoos From Plant Shadows With Tedd Hucks

“I love giving praise to the overlooked life forms that ask for nothing,” he tells me. “The plants are never picked or cut; they are left to grow, one of my personal rules.” Botanical silhouette tattoos are the focus of Tedd Hucks’ newest art series. In the hours before day turns to dusk, he snaps […]

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Tattoo Artists Recreate Egon Schiele Masterpieces

Egon Schiele normalized nudity, and it landed him in jail. Along with his mentor, Gustav Klimt, he was accused of peddling smut. He did enjoy drawing strong women who spread their legs with confidence, never shame. But he also loved casual nakedness, sketching people as they relaxed or dried their hair. His figures were neither virgins […]

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Gustav Klimt Inspires Tattoo Artists

Gustav Klimt made porn. That’s what his critics said, at least. Celebrated now for his work in the Art Nouveau and Symbolism movements, Klimt had a way of making people uncomfortable. His figures drift through life in a trance. Nude women feel ecstasy without apology. He even shows death as an intimate, some say erotic, […]