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Warhol: Blow Jobs and Factory Hipsters

Photo of Andy Warhol (1986) by/© Robert Mapplethorpe. Andy Warhol encapsulated the mass culture and kitschy pop art movement of the 50s and 60s with his infamous prints of Coca Cola bottles and Campbell soup cans. The man behind the art remains a great enigma though. It’s ironic that Warhol went to such great lengths […]

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Sumptuous Surreal Photography

TOMAAS is a visionary photographer, a master at taking the everyday and transforming it into the surreal, as you can see here in these stunning images. Daily objects like forks, tinfoil and bubble wrap become gorgeous fashion motifs in the hands of this very skilled artist. Photos © TOMAAS Via Behance Network

Art Fashion Photography Portraits

Colour Fashion Photography

Russian fashion photographer Danil Golovkin knows how to shoot colour, as you can see for yourself here! His work is characterized by a strong sense of visual composition which is to die for! By positioning his models against a simple backdrop his images really pop and jump out at you.

Art Black & White Photography Portraits

Double Exposure Photography

These gorgeous black and white images are the work of Bulgarian photographer Aneta Ivanova who specialises in the double exposure technique. Taken from her “Scars” and “Germany” projects they are monuments to surrealism, and beautifully combine the human body with nature and architecture. This is something special. Artwork © Aneta Ivanora Via Behance

Landscape Movies Photography Special Feature

Films Every Photographer Should See

Everybody loves looking at pretty pictures and this is certainly true when it comes to film. In spite of a recent trend in the action and horror genre for shaky handheld style camerawork that requires a sea sick bag to accompany a screening, nothing beats a slow pan across a mountain-scape or a lingering long […]

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Films about Famous Paintings

It’s quite a fun game to play, if you have the time: try and spot the famous painting in the movie. Recent examples of this include Andrew Wyeth’s classic “Christina’s World” popping up in the recent Tom Cruise sci-fi flick “Oblivion” (2013), as a subtle side plot. While there have been plenty of biopics of […]

Art Movies Painting Photography Special Feature

Movies Inspired by Fine Art

Like the best kinds of creative relationships, fine art and cinema stimulate and draw from each other in equal measure. Both run deep in their explorations of colour and light and have borrowed from one another to dazzling effects. When it comes to composition in cinema, there is no better place for a director or […]

Comics and Cartoons Movies Special Feature

Comic Book Visuals, CGI, and Violence

There are many people out there in movie land who don’t like Zack Snyder or the types of films he makes. In the hallowed halls of art theatres or along the cafes of the Left Bank in Paris, his name will be mentioned in disgusted tones. This is because Snyder is truly a Hollywood filmmaker, […]

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Greatest Visual Artists Turned Directors

While there may be thousands of visual artists who utilize film in their practise, perhaps in the form of video installations of short movies, there’s a clear distinction between this and an artist who makes the brave leap from the gallery space to the movie theatre. Many try and fail, but not all. The rookie […]

Design Movies Posters Special Feature

The Coolest Film Posters

For every summer blockbuster or art house release, there will be posters and other forms of advertisements to accompany them. As a rule of thumb, if it’s a terrible film then the poster will unlikely be a work of art. Following that logic, the more expensive and “Hollywood” the film is, the less likely its […]