Animals Art Sculpture

Beautiful Ceramic Animal Sculptures

Beth Cavener Stichter is known for her dynamic, emotionally-charged animal figures. She chooses clay to be the raw visceral material for her work, as she has always linked the materiality of flesh and the memory of it with clay. The sculptures she creates focus on human psychology and sexuality. They are feral and uneasy, expressing […]

Art Character Design Installations Sculpture


FriendsWithYou is the fine art collaborative of Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, working collectively since 2002 with the sole purpose of spreading the positive message of magic, luck, and friendship. They work in a variety of mediums, including paintings, sculptures, large-scale experiential installations, public playgrounds, and live performances. Their mission is to affect world […]

Art Photography Sculpture Water

Underwater Sculpture

Jason deCaires Taylor is an internationally acclaimed eco-sculptor who creates underwater living sculptures, offering viewers mysterious, ephemeral encounters and fleeting glimmers of another world where art develops from the effects of nature on the efforts of man.

Art Fashion Photography

3D Fashion Photography in China

Matjaz Tancic is an established Slovenian fashion photographer, who’s lately been experimenting with 3D. After working in Europe for many years, he is currently based in Beijing, where he captures China’s historical spirit and the daring new architectural designs in a high-polished fashion photo series.

Art Automobiles Body Art Illusion

Car Built With Painted Human Bodies

This optical illusion was made by Emma Hack, the Gotye video visionary who calls herself a skin illustrator on her website. Hack used 17 men and women to build the dented car sculpture in support of the Motor Accident Commission of South Australia, who used it to highlight the dangers of low-level speeding. See also: […]


Balloon Dresses

Fantastic balloon dresses by Japanese artist Rie Hosokai of Daisy Balloon.

Animals Art Black & White Drawing

AaW (Animals at War)

These are striking pencil drawings of animals in exaggerated poses by Martin Kalanda. Often appearing in large-scale, the animals are juxtaposed with tiny vessels and aircraft in a dreamlike world that encapsulate a sense of despair and violence.

Character Design Clothing Experimental Fashion

Soundsuits by Nick Cave

Nick Cave brings art, fashion and sculpture to life with his incredible “Soundsuits.” These extravagant wearable pieces are made out of stuffed animals, twigs, sequins, and thousands of buttons. His latest work can be seen at Fantastic 2012 in France.

Art Graffiti Motion Street Art

Banksy Animated GIFs

Digital artist ABVH has transformed some of Banksy’s most famous artworks into animated GIFs.

Art Sculpture

Hairy Sculptures

Hugh Hayden explores American cultural identities and social complexities through the lens of hair.