Sketchbook Tattoos that Vibrate on the Body by Luca Testadiferro

three red tulips, tattoo on thigh
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Italian tattooist Luca Testadiferro creates lively body art. The dynamic, energetic lines look as though they’re made with haphazard scribbles, but it’s the opposite—Testadiffero’s refined and steady hand is what allows them to have this vibrating effect. As a result, the pieces look as if they’re rumbling on the skin. It’s an aesthetic that Testadiferro is known for at Kosta Dorika Tattoo, where he specializes in the sketch approach as well as lettering.

sketch style flower tattoo on arm colorful crab tattoo rose tattoo on arm
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mojito tattoo headphone tattoo anchor, sketch style tattoo abstract tree tattoo
Images © Luca Testadiferro

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