Nychos’ Trademark Dissection of Idols and Creatures

Elvis dissection, painting
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Graffiti artist Nychos grew up in the forested state of Styria in Austria. His dad and grandfather were both hunters; smelly animal corpses, guts and bones were commonly in sight and part of the artist’s everyday life. He once killed a fox, but it was the first and last time, as Nychos was not destined to become a hunter. His upbringing made him curious about anatomy and it also made him value life. “I never saw it as disgusting [hunting animals for food]—rather it shows you how much life is worth and how crazy a body really is. It makes you respect other lives.”

batman dissected, painting marilyn monroe, dissected, painting black panther, dissection, painting ozzy osborne, dissected face, portrait painting
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darth vader, dissected, painting knight rider, dissected, painting creature, skeleton, mural spiderman, dissected, painting horse skeleton, mural
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Via Jonathan LeVine Gallery
Adriana de Barros

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