Drawings and Paintings of Opposing Forces by Christina Mrozik

surreal portrait by christina mrozik
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Years ago, artist Christina Mrozik had a stomach disease in which she couldn’t digest or absorb the nutrients from food. “After becoming rail thin and suffering through daily nightmares and being racked with pain for months on end,” she described, “I became very connected with a deeper part of myself.” Death, among other things, became very familiar for Mrozik, and this profound experience has made its way into her intricate drawings. These works often feature flora and fauna as symbols, as she explains, “representing the simultaneous and often opposing matters of the human heart.”

surreal portrait with a girl as a house by christina mrozik human portrait mixed with nature by christina mrozik skeleton and bird drawing by christina mrozik
Tatoo book
Tatoo book
animal skeleton detail by christina mrozik spores, Graphite on paper. 11 x 15 in. 2014, collaborative drawing with zoe keller bird painting, wip snake and roses, christina mrozik the things we keep underneath
Image 6 by Mrozik and Zoe Keller
Image 7/8 from Antler Gallery
Images © Christina Mrozik
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