Modernity and Dehumanization: Collages by Joe Castro

Joe Castro - Avalanche
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Joe Castro is a Philadelphia-based musician and multidisciplinary artist who creates bold, symbol-filled collages using materials sourced from vintage magazines and other printed ephemera, which he finds at flea markets and yard sales. By enmeshing the human body with animals and technology, his work explores dualism while also critiquing the effect of modernization on humanity. All of his collages are created with intent, driven by concepts and stories that are openly interpretable, inviting the viewer to insert their subjectivity; speaking to this, he says “I don’t really have any control over what kind of experience someone will have to my art . . . I just hope it connects with them on some very basic human level, or perhaps challenges their way of thinking.”

Joe Castro - Congratulations You Caught the Bouquet Joe Castro - Heat Lightning Joe Castro - Mysterium
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Tatoo book
Joe Castro - Scorpio Joe Castro - Terminal Joe Castro - The Sirens Simply Vanished Joe Castro - The Drain Joe Castro - The Mist and Her Black Hair
Images © Joe Castro

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