Black-Ink Portraits Accented with a Hint of Red by Denis Marakhin

girl portrait with heart over eye, haven

St. Petersburg-based artist Denis Marakhin uses red ink as a striking accent color to his bold tattoos and drawings. The stylized pieces are reminiscent of graphic novels that utilize shape-driven shading, some parts flattened and opaque, and other parts with defined forms. Like a comic book, Marakhin also incorporates text into the works, carving out negative space among the surreal portraiture that morphs from human faces to desolate landscapes. A collection of these “Faceless” people are available as wooden badges through the website waf-waf.

woman and skull tattoo on arm man with head sliced, drawing saturn head man drawing
astronaut tattoo on leg man with red eyes drawing sleep portrait man tattoo portrait man, drawing eye melting on hand, tattoo on arm woman with red flower eyes and other portrait drawings
Images © Denis Marakin.
Sara Barnes

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