Shai Langen Redefines the Human Form

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Combining material design and photography with human models, Shai Langan creates otherworldly images that shift our visual perspective. He experiments with such materials as wallpaper paste mixed with acrylic paint, liquid latex with calcium nitrate, and fermented dough. “By using photography or film,” he says, “I animate material, which interacts with the human body to communicate certain concepts that are currently being developed within science and ethics. Upcoming technologies like gene editing and biogenetics are opening a whole new world of possibilities, from body enhancement to mind uploading. I try to give face to these technologies and translate these abstract concepts into a more tangible and emotional experience for us to challenge our idea of self and to explore the question of what it means to be human.”

hand from image deo by shai langen surreal character with black and white paint in image deo by shai langen
plaster coming off of face, chimera by shai langen plaster stretched, chimera
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fish scale type material chimera, black materials shai-lagen-07
Capitulum by shai lagen Capitulum image 2 Capitulum, man with big blob head
Images © Shai Langen

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