Guga Scharf’s Erratic Line Tattoos Inspired by Sketchbook Drawings

jimmy hendrix tattoo, line art

Many tattoo artists create drawings and paintings off the skin, and Guga Scharf is an example of how the two worlds intersect. Borrowing imagery from his pencil and ink sketchbook, he translates the surrealist, minimal aesthetic into his tattoos. Erratic lines and squiggles decorate his characters, which are used as both a device for shading and adornment.

Scharf maintains a freelance illustration career and specializes in digital paintings. When he’s not illustrating, he holds a spot at Estúdio Galeria Teix in Curitiba, Brazil.

geisha style, inework tattoo by guga scharf

atic line portraits by guga scharf

closeup, squiggly line portrait tattoo

woman with hat, sketchbook tattoo

woman with reef, line art tattoo

erratic line tattoo portrait by guga scharf

blind monkey, dotwork tattoo

portrait sketch by guga scharf

Images © Guaga Scharf