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Candy-Colored Tattoos by Katie Shocrylas

rainbow colored fox, tattoo on leg

Katie Shocrylas creates tattoos that look like an edgier version of the iconic illustrator Lisa Frank. The rainbow-colored works use a similarly vibrant palette that turns everything—no matter how realistic her drawings may be—into a technicolor dreamscape.

For Shocrylas, the relationships that come from tattooing is truly special. “I have always loved the fact that tattooing allows you to make one-on-one connections with other people through images,” she tells TH-INK. “I think it’s a really unique way to make even just a small difference in someone else’s life, and being able to learn a little bit about their experiences by creating a piece of really personal artwork for them.”

bright colored fox tattoo

colored deer tattoo on chest

flowers on dog's head,. tattoo on arm


bright colored back tattoo

rainbow moth tattoo

moth tattoo on wrist

closeup of tattoo, feathers

flower tattoo, shoulder

Images © Katie Shocrylas.