Pose as If Someone is Watching: Transforming Sexy into Mundane

beachbody, women with flowers and posing, by Laura Callaghan

In today’s age of oversharing, the minutia of life is constantly broadcast. A camera is always on and makes striking a pose an important part of modern life. Illustrator Laura Callaghan satirizes it in her colorful compositions in which women run the gamut of positions—from sexy to slovenly—all while looking utterly bored. Even when her characters pose erotically, their facial expressions tell us otherwise. Even with all the notifications, Snapchats, and Tweets, living this way can feel utterly mundane.

Women by a pool by Laura Callaghan

woman in flowered bathing suit, animated gif

bored at work, illustration

party, dinner, posing and making faces, illustration

afro-haired girl posing and giving attitude, illustration

yoga, woman reading and doing yoga, illustration

girls posing, illustration, portrait

Images © Laura Callaghan