3D Abstract Art Body Art Tattoo

Chaotic Glitch Art Tattoos by Timur Lysenko

black rose tattoo on neck

Timur Lysenko has been tattooing for 10 years, and his style is constantly evolving because he’s willing to try new visual techniques. Some of his most striking works mix photorealistic faces with glitch art, where the human subjects emerge from stiff pixels and chaotic lines. “Three years ago I made my first tattoo where I mixed different elements,” Lysenko explained to Tattoodo. “First I was doing projects in Photoshop. I [thought] that the tattoo will look good too. I tried and I succeeded.” This practice has made him adept at matching disparate characteristics. “I already know what elements and details that look well [together] and how important the composition is which, for me, is the key to a good design.”

realistic flower with patterns

modern fish, hybrid, tattoo

stylized skull and flower by Timur Lysenko

red rose, embroidery style tattoo

tshirt and red and black tattoo on arm

whale tattoo with pattern by Timur Lysenko

rose and portrait of woman on leg

portrait, in black ink, leg

Images © Timur Lysenko