Illustrations by Rose Wong Consider Death in a Tan Void

umerous plants, girl by herself, illustration
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Illustrator Rose Wong ponders existence in her series “Consider Death.” Minimalist in its approach, she pits a solitary character among bold florals and geometric forms that seemingly go to nowhere—they’re islands among a tan void that’s devoid of anything. It exists with no known purpose, and you can’t help but feel a little sad when looking at the images. This strikes the heart of Wong’s overall concept. “I want people to feel good when they look at my work, but to also find some sadness in it,” she explained to Light Grey Art Lab. “We are all complex individuals and life is all about the emotional experiences, whether it be positive or not.”

Steps that lead to nowhere by Rose Wong No one's home by by Rose Wong Figure looking at leaves by Rose Wong
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Figure looking into night sky by by Rose Wong girl on rope, plants, illustration Figure on a plank by Rose Wong Boat among leaves by Rose Wong leaves filling the frame by Rose Wong
Images © Rose Wong.

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