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Priestess of the Dystopia: The Artwork of Ashley Joncas

Ashley Joncas (Enigme) - Born of Fire cover

Ashley Joncas is a Seattle-based artist and the founder of the multidisciplinary studio Ă©nigme. Combining minimalist aesthetics with “deep atmospheric qualities of an ominous color spectrum,” Joncas’ portfolio is a window into a bleak yet beautiful world. Rain-swept horizons and wandering cloaked figures ignite the imagination, producing a somber yet wistful mood. Joncas is an inspiring artist worth keeping an eye on, unique in her ability to weave timeless, hybrid mythologies of ancient paganism and future dystopias.

Ashley Joncas (Enigme) - Extinction

Ashley Joncas (Enigme) - Legion

Ashley Joncas (Enigme) - Mist

Ashley Joncas (Enigme) - Must

Ashley Joncas (Enigme) - Horses

Ashley Joncas (Enigme) - woman in dark cloak with wolf

Ashley Joncas (Enigme) - woman and spectral tree

Ashley Joncas (Enigme) - Warrior

Ashley Joncas (Enigme) - Fire

Ashley Joncas (Enigme) - Ram

Images © Ashley Joncas (énigme)

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