Dark and Dramatic Tattoos by Johnny Gloom

black rose tattoo on neck
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Grief is a recurring theme in Johnny Gloom’s artwork. Her heroines in heavy black convey the weight of human suffering, often crying or collapsing into the arms of death. Some smoke in solitude, apathetic or guarded. Others dramatically surrender to the pain of heartbreak.

Johnny looks into her own darkest feelings when drafting a design. “I’m very sensitive to my own emotions,” she explains. “Love, Hate, Violence, Passion… Love is the burden of humanity, everyone recognizes it.”

black rose tattoo on chest Johnny Gloom tattoo Johnny Gloom tattoo Johnny Gloom tattoo
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Johnny Gloom tattoo black rose tattoo on rib cage Johnny Gloom tattoo Johnny Gloom tattoo greek theatre mark and hand with rose, tattoo on arm hand with cigarette, smoke transforming into human skull Johnny Gloom tattoo
Photos © Johnny Gloom.
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