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Pastel Dreams in Brooke DiDonato’s Surreal Photography

Brooke DiDonato, Roses - pink rose on head

Note: Contains slight nudity.

The works of photographer Brooke DiDonato are minimalistic and surreal, exploring the human psyche through subtly mind-bending images. Her new series “Roses” depicts colorful flowers melting down bare skin, emanating a sense of heartbreak and alienation. Using careful selections of lighting, color, and symbolic props, DiDonato transforms passive nude bodies into portraits of complex emotional states.

Brooke DiDonato, Roses - purple roses on face

Brooke DiDonato, Roses - red rose on back

Brooke DiDonato, Roses - red roses on shoulders

Brooke DiDonato, Roses - red rose on shoulder

Brooke DiDonato, Roses - wrist roses

Brooke DiDonato - submerged in blue water

Brooke DiDonato - hands and mirror in pink water

Brooke DiDonato - women and wallpapaer

Brooke DiDonato, Quiet Places - by window

Brooke DiDonato, A House is not a Home - in couch cushions

Brooke DiDonato - hand on face

Brooke DiDonato - nude mirror image

Images © Brooke DiDonato