Tragedy and Dreams in Photography by Monia Merlo

Monia Merlo - lost - red dress cover
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Monia Merlo is an Italian photographer whose fine-art portraits of women wordlessly explore emotion. Through specific location choices and the use of natural lighting, she recreates the dreamy atmosphere of pre-Raphaelite paintings. The selection featured here recalls John Everett Millais’Ophelia”; women float in ponds, their bodies mingling with vegetation and dark waters to create ecosystems of sorrow. By hiding the face, Merlo reveals how the soul erupts through the landscape of the body.

Monia Merlo - woman in dress in dark lake Monia Merlo - end of time - feet Monia Merlo - water in leaves
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Monia Merlo - in a dark lake - blue flowers Monia Merlo - green dress Monia Merlo - lying on grass Monia Merlo - Labyrinth Monia Merlo - another story Monia Merlo - sadness
Images © Monia Merlo

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