Surreal Graphite Drawings Meditate on the Nature of Pain

graphite drawing by alejandro garcia restrepo
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Note: Contains slight nudity.

Artist Alejandro Garcia Restrepo takes a cinematic approach to his graphite drawings. The dramatic still images feel like scenes from a silent film, full of tension and a desire to know what is next. Characters don strange attire and are found in desperate situations. The overarching theme of these images is pain—both the physical and psychological, victims and victimizers. Its repercussions—the wounds, for instance—are something Restrepo highlights in these drawings as his characters struggle with what’s next.

graphite drawing of the sea by alejandro garcia restrepo graphite drawing of the sea by alejandro garcia restrepo
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four figures holding innards by alejandro garcia restrepo woman with cloth portrait over head by by alejandro garcia restrepo woman staring at bird in lap by alejandro garcia restrepo human figure with a bird face by alejandro garcia restrepo hawk drawing, woman hidden in feathers
Images © Alejandro Garcia Restrepo.
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