A Modern Audubon: Naturalistic Tattoos by Kirsten Holliday

rose tattoo on shoulder
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Kirsten Holliday is the John James Audubon of the tattooing world. Focusing almost exclusively on florals and birds, the realistically rendered, naturalistic imagery sprawls across her clients’ bodies. They’re like flipping through the pages of one of his books, “The Birds of America,” as the portraits of creatures showcase how they interact in their natural habitat—a crow picks up small seeds while a snake slithers from underneath a branch. Holliday, of course, adds her own twist to the classic imagery with influences of traditional tattoos and art nouveau.

birds on upper arm tattooed by kirsten holliday bird with berry, tattoo snake and reef tattoo
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Tatoo book
bird and roses tattoo back and shoulder full tattoo sleeve, birds and plants pheasant bird tattoo on arm pomegranate and foliage tattoo sleeve tiger tattoo on arm plants, tattoo on thigh, naturalistic
Photos © Kirsten Holliday
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