Andrey Lukovnikov’s Double Exposure Tattoos Inspired by the Digital Era

ouble exposure bug tattoo by andrey lukovnikov
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One thing that Andrey Lukovnikov’s colorful tattoos might remind you of are clipping masks from Adobe Photoshop. The combination of bold, busy imagery with a crisp edge mimics digital imagery—as if these bugs, birds, and feathers are concealing a larger part of an overall picture. And if you watch some of Lukonikov’s videos, it’s clear that this type of media influences his body art. Entire sketches and paintings are created on the computer. Although it’s a challenge to replicate this precise pixelation on something soft as the skin, Lukovnikov achieves the clean outlines that for which digital work is known.

double exposure bug tattoo by andrey lukovnikov rose beetle, double exposure tattoo
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double exposure bug tattoo by andrey lukovnik double exposure nature tattoos by andrey lukovnikov double exposure bug tattoo by andrey lukovnikov bird digital drawing
Images © Andrey Lukovnikov

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