Dramatic Portraits with Something to Hide by Kurt Staudinger

tattooed portrait on arm by kurt staudinger
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Tattoo artist Kurt Staudinger creates intense portraits that visually pop from the skin. The realistically-rendered pieces utilize a soft, diffused approach that adds an eerie quality to the subjects’ personas. Their glassy eyes pierce us with a knowing gaze, as if they’re about to reveal a dark, hidden secret. Staudinger remains quiet about his characters, however, giving us no context about who they are or what they’re up to—this only fosters a sense of mystery about them that you could ponder for the rest of your life.

tattooed portrait on arm by kurt staudinger tattooed portrait on chest and neck by kurt staudinger
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tattooed portrait on neck by kurt staudinger tattoo of a woman on back by kurt staudinger eye tattoo on back, abstract style two portraits on leg, black ink tattooed portrait on arm by kurt staudinger
Photos © Kurt Staudinger

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