Jenny Brown’s Beautiful Collages of Flower-Covered Sea Creatures

jellyfish and flowers, collage
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“Aquamarine, sea cheek, infinite tangles…existing in the space between the deepest part of the ocean and the gateway into velvet sky,” writes Jenny Brown; her collages look like we have discovered a new ocean where flower gardens have merged with sea life. Marigolds and poppies next to giant clams and jellyfish, and drips of paint and penned circles are air bubbles that swish and delicately float around. It’s a poetic world imagined by the artist who often collages over book pages and postcards from the turn of the nineteenth century.

marine animals and flowers, still life flower pineapple collage grey background, different color flowers
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Tatoo book
bluish green background, flowers, paint drops, collage jellyfish, green, flowers yellow background, still life, collage marine animals and flowers, dark blue jenny brown's office, collages, victorian art
Images © Jenny Brown
Adriana de Barros

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