Abstract Tattoos by Szymon Gdowicz are Homage to the Paintbrush

diptych tattoo on arms by szymon gdowicz

Working under the moniker Pain Ting, Szymon Gdowicz brings a painterly touch to his tattoos. The colorful works of body art feature bold pigment that mimics the carefree fluidity of watercolor, with giant brushstrokes and drips across skin. They are punctuated by finer details that look like markers rather than the etching of a needle. Together, the styles convey a palpable energy.

Gdowicz’s tattoos differ greatly from his other portfolio of work. This other direction is inspired by painters from the 16th and 17th century and reflect their tightly-rendered style.

abstract tattoo on arm by szymon gdowicz

 on chest by szymon gdowicz

colorful bird with flowers by szymon gdowicz

roses along an arm by by szymon gdowicz

wolve tattoos on thigh by by szymon gdowicz

knockout plane tattoo by by szymon gdowicz

shark bursting from water by by szymon gdowicz

Photos © Szymon Gdowicz