Animal Oddities: Dreamy and Dark Sculptures by Erika Sanada

Erika Sanada - Curiosity
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The innocence of Erika Sanada’s animal sculptures is somewhat deceiving. They resemble gentle spirits with glowing white eyes and pale skin, but each one is plagued by dark dramas and terrifying anomalies; canines tear into each other’s flesh, small creatures lie dead, and bodies fuse and mutate. Naming her current body of work “Odd Things,” Sanada draws inspiration from bad memories and personal anxieties, confronting and overcoming them by birthing her twisted yet fearless creatures.

Erika Sanada - You Are One of Us Erika Sanada - Feeling Apologetic Erika Sanada - Prophesy side view Erika Sanada - Bad Blood
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Erika Sanada - two rodents lying side-by-side Erika Sanada - rodents with machine guns on wall Erika Sanada - Assimilation Erika Sanada - My Turn Erika Sanada - Supper Erika Sanada - Opposite Erika Sanada - Show Off
Images © Erika Sanada
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