Body Illusions and Weird Camouflages: The Witty Pics of Benjamin Zank

woman dressed in yellow on yellow water slide, photography
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Bronx-born creative Benjamin Zank has been taking snapshots since his 18th birthday. In 2013 (at the age of 21) he broke his camera while shooting near a swamp; not having the money to buy a new one, he created a crowdfunding campaign and soon realized how supportive his Internet fans were. $1,287 were raised; a brand new camera in his hands and the promise that he’d take mind-blowing photographs to share with us.

Now living in New Zealand, Zank took a few months to settle into Auckland. “Once you’re comfortable with the area and you understand what goes on there it gets a lot easier. Some of my best work was shot within 100 feet of my parent’s apartment,” 1 he states. His secret is finding “a small scene and [making] it look much larger than it really is,” like the artistically impressive yellow slide photo which was taken in a playground near his house.

yellow tape strips on road, photography yellow tape strip over man's head, photography
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1. Williams, Megan. "Talking Surrealism and
 Spontaneity with Ben Zank." Idol, October 2015.
Images © Benjamin Zank.

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April 21, 2016 Art Illusion Photography