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Passion and Performance in Christopher Pew’s Surreal Oil Paintings

Christopher Pew, 8-3 (Reflections)

Note: Contains nudity.

In an oil series tilted “8,” Canadian artist Christopher Pew paints shadowy, dystopic scenes imbued with symbolism. Inhabiting the images is a cast of ambiguous characters; stark-nude, masked, and garbed in white, they are bound together by a scarlet scarf, signifying a fidelity of blood and sacrifice in the barren lands. Moving gracefully together, they embody disguise, deception, and the breakdown of meaning, while simultaneously performing their own passionate rituals of self-discovery. In addition to “8,” Pew paints moody, imaginative portraits. More of his works can be viewed on his website.

Christopher Pew - red scarves, white-robed figures, nude, religious imagery

Christopher Pew, (8-1, Silent Speaking)

closeup, Christopher Pew, (8-1, Silent Speaking)

Christopher Pew, Liberty detail

Christopher Pew, Liberty Leading the People

Images © Christopher Pew