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New Living Sculptures by Marie-Lou Desmeules

Marie-Lou Desmeules, L'homme a la tetedechou

Using thick layers of paint and plastic, Marie-Lou Desmeules performs “surgery” on her models, turning them into living, ephemeral (and oftentimes grotesque) canvases. With an eye for truth and a touch of satire, she explores identity, beauty, and the public image. Featured here are some of her newest works, which include creative icons such as Vincent Van Gogh and David Bowie, as well as more general archetypes—the courtesan and divorcee, for example. No matter who her subject is, or how visible they are in the public eye, Desmeules uses her paintbrush as a “scalpel” to brilliantly disfigure and dissect the exterior image, thereby uncovering a powerful—and universal—sense of human vulnerability.

Marie-Lou Desmeules, Another Desperate Man

Marie-Lou Desmeules, Chewbacca chez le coiffeur

Marie-Lou Desmeules, I Am So Beautiful

Marie-Lou Desmeules, John Waters

Marie-Lou Desmeules, Just Divorced

Marie-Lou Desmeules, McDonald

Marie-Lou Desmeules, Portrait of a Courtesan

Marie-Lou Desmeules, Van Gogh Self-Portrait

Marie-Lou Desmeules, We Can Be Heroes

Images © Marie-Lou Desmeules