The Sound of Silence: Photography by Tyler Rayburn

man lying on cliff, canyon in the background. photography
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American photographer Tyler Rayburn sees the beauty of isolation; disconnecting oneself from urban life for hours to reflect, introspect and see beyond. He takes singular portraits of himself and models placed in front of breathtaking canyons and endless sea cliffs—it is his way of documenting his travels and stories. He almost died in one shoot, “the rocks were too unstable to sit where I wanted to,” he says, and yet he continues to take risks to perfect his art form and show us parts of the human soul and the magnetic force of nature.

black and white photo, girl in front of canyon woman standing on beach, photography man lying on ground. photography
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woman looking up standing in the middle of two cliffs hand in the middle of leaves, photography two men standing opposite ways, black and white photography hand up in the air, holding a bird, sunset, photography
All photos © Tyler Rayburn.
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