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Children of the Winter Forest: Dara Scully’s Poetic Photography

Dara Scully, The Caress

Note: Contains nudity.

Dara Scully is a self-professed “forest-creature, winter child” who instills poetry into her haunting photography. Scully’s works are like gothic fairytales, exploring the human psyche through complex metaphors and esoteric symbols: nude figures lie in strange constellations on the grass, ghost-eyed children peer at the viewer, and dark forests encroach on the frames. The meaning is always hazy but visceral, allowing us to divine our own emotional significance in visions of ritual and mystery.

Dara Scully, The Survivors

Dara Scully, Delicateness II

Dara Scully, Delicateness III

Dara Scully - two women reaching for each other

Dara Scully, Your Breath

Dara Scullly, White Swan

Dara Scully, The Hunted Girl

Dara Scully, The Cut

Dara Scully, The Darkness

Dara Scully, The Mirror

Images © Dara Scully