Minimalist Tattoos by Lee Stewart Mimic the Graceful Flow of Ink

Tattoo by Lee Stewart
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Lee Stewart mimics the graceful, flowing lines of a brushstroke in her minimalist body art. Riding a fine line between tattoos and Japanese sumi-ink paintings, she conveys elegant, sweeping marks in seemingly one motion. At times, this abstract imagery celebrates a love of painting, while in other instances, the powerful strokes define animals, birds, and flowers. No matter the design, the tattoos have a bold presence without feeling overworked or overly complicated.

Tattoo by Lee Stewart japanese style paint brushstrokes Tattoo by Lee Stewart Tattoo by Lee Stewart
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Tattoo by Lee Stewart lee-stewart-1 stingray tattoo Tattoo by Lee Stewart flower tattoo, brushstrokes
Images © Lee Stewart.

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February 19, 2016 Abstract Art Birds Body Art Tattoo