Doppelgänger: Ink Cloud Portraits by Chris Slabber

ink and paint portrait, blue

Digital artist Chris Slabber is best known for his award-winning designs of the “Haezer album cover” and “Destruction/Creation,” the latter an ink-dropped-into-water art series that was inspired by the works of Alberto Seveso. Using the same visual style in “Doppelganger,” his newest project capitalizes on the dualities of past and future, hero and coward… “The idea was to take one cloud of pigment and to give it two personalities by flipping it 180,” he says. “All of us have at some point been confronted with ourselves. A self from the past, the future or even as we are now. The question is, would you recognise you[rself]?” Good question! And so this requires some reflection and time-traveling like in the movie “Predestination” to really figure out how we will handle our other selves.

blue paint, portrait of future future and past
breathe, yellow and red paint choke, yellow and red paint hero and coward orange and blue paint, portrait up and down portraits ink into water orange and brown, portrait, painthero and coward
Artwork © Chris Slabber.
Adriana de Barros

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February 18, 2016 Art Digital Experimental Painting