Mercenaries of the Apocalypse: The Art of Yuri Shwedoff

Yuri Shwedoff, Cradle - warrior inside sphere structure
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Moscow-based artist Yuri Shwedoff tells a passionate and imaginative story about survival in the apocalypse. Set in barren wastelands, his melancholic warriors wander alone, armed with medieval weapons and practicing unearthly magic. Children and animals are recurring motifs, used as symbols of sacrifice and loss in the merciless terrain. A dual sense of loneliness and peace pervades his captivating images.

Yuri Shwedoff, Core - lone figure with levitating sphere Yuri Shwedoff, Elder Gods "ARES" - man with levitating swords Yuri Shwedoff, Solar Eclipse - eclipse over apocalyptic town Yuri Shwedoff, Volk - man carrying wolf
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Tatoo book
Yuri Shwedoff, Queen and the Knight - apocalyptic knighting Yuri Shwedoff, Shooting Stars - young girl with falling missiles Yuri Shwedoff, Sleep - man lying on buffalo in apocalyptic wasteland Yuri Shwedoff, Wolf Pack - hooded figure with multiple wolf heads Yuri Shwedoff, Dragon Skull - man standing on broken airplane Yuri Shwedoff, Excalibur - man with levitating sword Yuri Shwedoff, White Castle - horse rider in front of space shuttle
Images © Yuri Shwedoff
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