Reimagined Reality: The Colorful Tattoos of Giena Todryk

psychedelic mushroom tattoo
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Belarus tattooer Giena Todryk uses vibrant colors to create surrealist neo-traditional body art. The hues are so bright that they vibrate and radiate from the skin, producing the feeling of trippiness, like we’re on some sort of psychedelic drug. There’s nothing realistic about his animal and nature portraits—they’re clad in beautiful jewel tones punctuated by deep black—but that doesn’t matter. Todryk’s eye-catching style is a fresh interpretation on ordinary life.

Tattoo Giena Todryk tattoo Giena Todryk tattoo Giena Todryk
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tattoo Giena Todryk tattoo Giena Todryk giena-todryk-2 tattoo Giena Todryk tattoo Giena Todryk
Images © Giena Todryk.
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February 8, 2016 Animals Art Color Surreal Tattoo