Tokyo-based Artist Miki Takahashi Launches New Double-Exposure Pics

double exposure photo

Three years have past since Miki Takahashi published her popular multiple exposure series “Look,” “Inside” and “In Urban Sense,” which were featured on Illusion and other publications. Recently launching new photos—her first series Utakata displays various greeneries and rain drops overlaying and intertwining with a female face (which looks to be the face of the artist). The second series “Redolent of Flowers” is not double-exposure related, but absolutely gorgeous portraiture and still life done in a photographic poster style.

double exposure portrait blue haired girl, double exposure portrait double exposure photo, portrait of girl with soap bubbles
double exposure, rain drops and girl redolent of flowers, flower portrait series still life of flowers, redolent of flowers portraiture, broken glass, an assortment of flowers
Images © Miki Takahashi

Via Devid Sketchbook
Adriana de Barros

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