Energetic Ink Drawings as Tattoos by Felipe Rodrigues

Rose tattoo by Felipe Rodrigues
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Combining vibrant bursts of color with energetic lines, tattoo artist Felipe Rodrigues captures the carefree fluidity of a pen-and-ink sketch. The Brazil-based creative is inspired by quotes and music, often pairing the two on his popular Instagram. As a result, his subjects and themes are diverse, from animals and nature to religion and death. No matter if they’re joyous or macabre, Rodrigues’ technique grabs your attention with just a few masterful strokes.

Tattoo by Felipe Rodrigues Tattoos by Felipe Rodrigues bird Tattoo by Felipe Rodrigues
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Stallion tattoo by Felipe Rodrigues skull and hourglass, Tattoos by Felipe Rodrigues Tattoo by Felipe Rodrigues Tattoo by Felipe Rodrigues Tattoo by Felipe Rodrigues
Images © Felipe Rodrigues.

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