Tales of Love and Despair: Photography by Elena Helfrecht

Elena Helfrecht, Crashed Bird - woman with bird wings over eyes

Note: Contains nudity.

The work of German photographer Elena Helfrecht is like emotional alchemy, combining dark symbols to unearth visions of beauty and despair. Inspired by the folklore and forest landscapes of Bavaria, her photos often include sylvan imagery, the moon, nude bodies, shadowed rooms, and the co-relation between life and death, dreams and awakening. Her breathtaking portfolio explores various themes, such as femininity and masculinity, as well fables and nightmares. Whether it’s a dead bird in a nocturnal embrace, or a hornet on a salivating tongue, Helfrect translates the intangible human experiences of fear, desire, and grief into portraits of awareness and self-reflection.

Elena Helfrecht - holding dead bird

Elena Helfrecht, Calm - nude women sitting in darkened room

Elena Helfrecht, the Masculine, the fallen - man in eerie light

Elena Helfrecht, Arise - woman holding bird under moonlight

Elena Helfrecht, Farewell - woman holding dead mouse

Elena Helfrecht, Emesis - hornet on tongue

Elena Helfrecht, Nightmares - woman in dark room with pig masks above

Elena Helfrecht - woman half-submerged in dark water

Elena Helfrecht, Fables, The Tooth Fairy - woman in dark attic

Images © Elena Helfrecht