The Natural World Illustrated on Skin by Hannah Willison

bird tattoo on thigh
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Living the life of a vegan, Hannah Willison confesses she is “intrigued by our interconnection with animals & nature” and enjoys exploring themes associated with human and non-human animal consciousness. A few of her tattoos include a spiritual vegan cow and one that is “Not 4 Sale.” The animals are illustrated to resemble black pen drawings with background color blocks of blue, green, orange, and red—a graphic style that was initially inspired by Xoil, and one that Willison has developed to becoming her own. Her graphic influences have not only come from other tattoo artists, she comments, “I like to find inspiration from outside the tattoo industry. I love looking through vintage illustrations & natural history books.”

bird tattoo, illustration style black and green nature tattoo
Tatoo book
Tatoo book
whale tattoo with geometric shapes leg tattoos bird and dog, cityscape tattoo insect tattoo the artist hannah willison working on a tattoo flash
All images courtesy and © of Hannah Willison.
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