Surreal Stormchasing Photographs by Benjamin Von Wong

Benjamin Von Wong - woman lounging under storm clouds
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Climate change is a growing concern, one which intensifies behind us as we carry on our daily lives. Photographer Benjamin Von Wong embarked an epic project to capture this phenomenon, using storms—those dark, unstoppable forces of nature—as his metaphor. Titled “Surreal Stormchasing Portraits,” Von Wong traveled seven states in two weeks alongside weather and environmental photographer Kelly DeLay. In each staged image—which was constructed and torn down in under 10-15 minutes, given the dangerous conditions—people perform ordinary and leisurely activities, such ironing and barbecuing. The contrast between the models’ indifference and the threatening skies provokes awareness and conversation about the action needed to address climate change.

Benjamin Von Wong - woman ironing while storm builds in the background Benjamin Von Wong - man barbecuing in storm
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Benjamin Von Wong - two people playing video games with storm clouds in the background Benjamin Von Wong - man writing notes with lighting in the backgound Benjamin Von Wong - man on toilet in field under storm
Images © Benjamin Von Wong

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