Playful Magic Tricks by Kostis Fokas

man with tshirt over head, sitting on couch
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Note: Contains nudity and sexual references.

If you are familiar with “Sleeveface,” people holding up album covers in front of their faces to create portrait illusions, then you’ll enjoy the photographic work of Kostis Fokas—instead of using LP covers he uses printed t-shirts and beach towels. From humans levitating or turning into tigers, it is almost like we are watching a fascinating magic show. These playful and quirky snapshots focus on youth culture, eroticism, and the artist’s inner self.

ugly finger tshirt floating in air, magic trick
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Tatoo book
wearing sweatshirt on legs blad head and cactuses rooster t-shirt over head shiny nude body in beach sand head under shorts tiger towl over head, at beacj
Images © Kostis Fokas.
Adriana de Barros

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November 22, 2015 Art Illusion Photography