Spencer Tunick’s Awe-Striking Installations of Nude Crowds

Spencer Tunick, nube body installation in forest river valley
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Note: Contains nudity.

Spencer Tunick is an American photographer who has traveled the globe taking stunning photographs of nude crowds. Amassed and synchronized in large groups, the volunteers pose in diverse (and sometimes challenging) environments, such as public spaces in Monaco, botanical gardens in Mexico, and impressively, the Swiss glacier of Aletsch. Defying logic with a creative and seemingly simple concept, Tunick’s work demonstrates the power and presence of the crowd, exploring the body as a signifier for community, expression, and dissent. Due to various arrests and legal battles trying to take photographs in New York City, Tunick has not shot there in over ten years, but continues to create his art abroad.

Tunick was previously featured as part of Illusion’s “10 Outstanding Artistic Nude Photographs.”

Spencer Tunick - photograph of nude body installation around statue Spencer Tunick - photograph of nude bodies lying down en masse
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Spencer Tunick - nude bodies lying down in street in Basel, Switzerland Spencer Tunick - nude body installation at Newcastle/Gateshead Spencer Tunick - nude body installation on mountainside Spencer Tunick - nude body installation on arctic mountainside Spencer Tunick - photographs of nude bodies lying down, surrounding man in wheelchair Spencer Tunick - bodies wearing gauzy fabric in Black Rock Desert, Burning Man
Images © Spencer Tunick

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