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Celebrating 31 Days of Horror with Animated GIFs

Jason Voorhees, friday the 13th. animated gif

Graphic designers Sylvain RogĂ© and Simon Lagneau are working on the next animated GIF to mark the 27th of October. Every day of this Halloween month they’ve created motion loops with iconic movie characters, including some of our favorite villains. We see Michael Myers trick-or-treating and Hannibal Lecter thinking of tasty human organs as he wiggles out of the leather straps. Then there is awkward Edward, and The Ring girl who keeps whispering “Don’t pick up the phone.”

mummy animated gif, halloween

michael myers, animated gif, halloween

the scream ghost, movie character, animated gif, halloween

twins from the shining movie, animated gif, halloween

edward scissor hands, movie character, animated gif, halloween

dracula, bram stoker movie, animated gif, halloween

hannibal lecter, animated gif, halloween

beetlejuice, animated gif

creepy girl from the ring movie,animated gif, halloween

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