Unusual Portraits by Master Tattooer Pietro Sedda

rip face off, patterned face tattoo
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Listed as one of Illusion’s top tattoo artists of 2014, the man known as The Saint Mariner continues to impress with his portrait tattoos filled with floral patterns or heat haze and melt effects. Each one is a unique work of art by Pietro Sedda, a Sardinian-born artist who lives and works in the design capital of Milan. Once wanting to become a fashion designer, he ended up working in interior design for a while and then somehow found his way to becoming a tattooer. 16 years have already past working with a rotary machine. He currently tattoos in his beautiful shop of vintage and antique decor.

staircase head man, melting man tattoo religious figure tattoo
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unique portrait tattoos hand tattoo with moustache man and romantic couple melting face portrait tattoo patterned face portrait and sea overlay on face tattoos ship on head, tattoo of a moustache man
Images © Pietro Sedda.
Adriana de Barros

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