Opulent “Cloud City” Constructed Entirely Out of Paper

Paper landscape called "Cloud City"
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The Makerie Studio worked in collaboration with photographer Luke Kirwan to create “Cloud City,” an alluring landscape inspired by the intricate patterns in Moroccan architecture. Three egg-shaped palaces seemingly float in mid-air—connected only by ladders—and give the viewer a bird’s-eye-view into the opulent locales. Gilded rails, tiered fountains, and gold lattices are fashioned entirely out of cut paper, but with the moody lighting and incredible craftsmanship, they fool the eye into thinking these structures might just be real.

Cloud City structure cloud city ceiling cloud city ceiling
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Tatoo book
Cloud City look into window Cloud city ceiling detail Cloud city structure Cloud city ceiling detail Cloud City ceiling detail Full Cloud city landscape
Images © The Makerie Studio
Sara Barnes

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October 18, 2015 Art City Paper Art Sculpture